Property Management Team

Our professional experienced team partners with you and/or your company to plan and develop a strategy to meet all of your property management needs. Carassone Property Management (CPM) has the resources and experience to save you time, money and enhance your community by offering top quality maintenance, experienced management and full communication with your tenants.

Paul Carassone, Court Appointed Property Manager, CEO and Co-founder, has more than 20 years of experience in the Business Community with a strong emphasis on Property Management. Paul has extensive experience in company management, customer service and business processes. His management decisions and solutions have alleviated the clients need to be involved in the daily management of their properties.  For Carassone Property Management (CPM) he is directly responsible for all acquisitions, sales and financial management.

Paul has successfully managed and overseen apartment building transactions and acquisitions of an aggregate of over 700 million dollars. He has been a true visionary for the financial growth and long-term stability of his companies; and all of the managed acquisitions continue to grow annually. Within the first year of ownership of all properties acquired, Paul has successfully reduced expenses by 15% on average.

Marc Carassone, CFO and Co-founder, has more than 10 years of progressively responsible property management experience. With a strong family background in real estate Marc has worked from the ground up in many different aspects of the property management business.  For CPM Marc is directly responsible for handling and overseeing all marketing, management and leasing functions for current assignments.

Within the last 8 years Marc has been involved in the aggregate of over tens of millions of dollars in apartment building transactions and acquisitions. All property acquisitions have proved to be prudent and lucrative investments. The properties average vacancy rate is less than 3%, where according to recent data the industry's average has fluctuated from 8% to 5%. Marc is highly regarded for an exceptionally low average of outstanding tenant arrears, and has an average of less than .07% in outstanding arrears per month.

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