Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of representing the principals of Carassone Property Management in connection with the arrangement of mortgage financing for their real estate portfolio.

Not only does Carassone Property Management perform the typical managerial duties but they are able to reach maximum profitability by keeping up with the latest technologies and rent regulations/ordinances, all the while ensuring all of their buildings receive proper routine maintenance.

Matthew Albano, Senior Broker
GCP Capital Group LLC, Great Neck, NY

It is a pleasure to write a reference letter for Paul and Marc
Carassone of Carassone Properties.

Throughout our entire review process, I was impressed with the amount of "hands-on"
management involvement and the knowledge these gentlemen provided. Paul and Marc's sound understanding of the habitation and real estate market brings dependability to both their company and their customers. Their years in real estate management allows them the experience and diverse background required to perform all types of work needed on a daily basis at Carassone Properties.

Brian C. Fenzl, CPCU, CIC, ARM,CSRM
Vice President
M&T Insurance Agency, Inc. Buffalo, NY

I am pleased to recommend Carassone Property Management as qualified and professional managers of multi-family properties.

I am an experienced real estate broker specializing in the sale of investment property.

From the start of our relationship the Carassones have shown an enthusiasm and ambition to acquire and professionally self-manage the Hudson Valley area. The Carassones are a well planned balance of operational, financial, tenant and legal expertise.

Janet Bortz
Vice President
The Kislak Company, Woodbridge, NJ

Over the past two years, I've had the pleasure of working with Paul Carassone and his organization in connection with the acquisition and management of multi-family properties in the Hudson Valley.

I've come to admire Paul's abilities as an investor, operator, and member of the community. He and his team have demonstrated a unique ability to add value to the properties they've acquired, and to offer improved management to the tenants and communities they serve.

I am pleased to recommend Paul Carassone and his team without hesitation.

Edward M. Jordan
Managing Director
NorthEast Private Client Group
White Plains, NY

Please be advised that Paul and Marc Carassone have been the Managing agent for several of our properties for approximately five years.  In that capacity it is their responsibility to oversee our properties and make improvements as they may deem appropriate.

Since their initial engagement with our firm, we have seen a substantial improvement in the profitability of the properties, with regard to both an increase in gross rents and a dramatic reduction of ongoing expenses. We have seen an increase in our bottom line, and were very happy about that.

Pat Conte,
Managing Director
CBC Realty LLC, Brooklyn, NY


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