Trained, Experienced and Dependable

Our mission is to meet each property's particular requirements, and provide high quality service and maintain and enhance the value of your property. In the process, we are very sensitive to the fact that while necessary maintenance is being done we need to consider the residents. Our Management oversees the maintenance, construction and repairs of your property while maintaining the quality of life for your residents.

We are aware that the first thing everyone sees is the outside of your property whether it is the buildings or the grounds. Top quality maintenance is a number one important issue. Our maintenance teams are all trained and experienced in their particular fields to provide you with ongoing day to day services and long range planning and implementation. We have developed our own techniques for supervising our staff, to ensure that the objectives are met.

Following is a list of some of the maintenance services we provide:

  • Scheduled routine maintenance and follow-up of your property
  • Scheduled routine maintenance and follow-up of your grounds
  • Renovations to apartments, entry ways and halls.
  • Painting services for inside and outside of the buildings
  • Plumbing service
  • Electrical service

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